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Commission rates are not standard, and each broker and/or agent is free to charge any amount of commission they deem appropriate. Commission offers do not apply to real estate transactions outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

For the sake of all illustrations on this site, we will assume that the seller pays all commissions and is willing to pay up to a 3% commission to the buyer's agent. Commission rates are always negotiable, and no seller is obligated to offer the buyer's agent any set amount of commission. Examples are for illustration purposes only. Hampton Roads Group does not guarantee purchase or sales pricing, nor does it guarantee that a buyer or seller will experience or realize any amount of appreciation in the value of their real estate purchase.

All "Truths" are based on the experience of some sellers/buyers in the Hampton Roads market. As always, there may be exceptions.

The Hampton Roads Group makes no warranty or guarantee about the experience of individual sellers or buyers. Both sellers and buyers are responsible for which agent and/or broker they choose to list/buy with as well as the amount of commission paid.

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